Even focused CAT aspirants are aware of that poor maths can be suicidal in CAT. It is mathematics skills which direct you in quant, data interpretation,and logicalreasoning questions. That means these sections of CAT can’t be cleared without having clarity on the fundamentals of maths.

Indeed questions might be coming in mind that why math skills areparamount in CAT? Please be informed that any Business manager has to go through market compulsions and he or she has to forecast budgets for the sales promotion of Brand or pricing of products has to be forecasted also and these matter require math skills hence, since you are supposed to be a would be manager, you are being tested in CAT for knowing your aptitude for these skills.

Arithmetic questions onpercentages, profit loss, time and distance, numbers are very crucial in CAT and you are tested with tougher questions in these sections. Questions on logicalreasoning are also based on math skills, it is only then you will be able to answerthat.

Previously bar charts and pie charts were given in data interpretation section and those were at least  easy to know and understand with the tools of these charts but now statements  are being given and numbers therein have to be rectified based on your analytical skills. Theseare math skills.

If math is poor and understanding   of fundamentals is equally poor then you are in quandary. It will be really a herculean task to crack CAT and for that matter it is advisable to leave CAT at the moment and go for clarification on math as subject , practice a lot and take some coaching for that matter , only then you might get confidence to face onslaught of tougher CAT questions.

Indeed NCERT book on math for tenth standard can do good  for CAT aspirants because you will be able to have all doubts clarified through these books  and these books have been designedin such a way that even newcomer to the field of math can understand and gain skills.

Non engineers positively face issues for math based questions and sections in CAT and for that matter it is essential for them not only to study but have immense practice on these sections for at least eight to ten months of preparation. Thoseaspirants who are from arts or humanitiesstreams can really land in trouble for these issues. But you need not get worried unnecessary, you can find solutions to your issues through coaching on weekly basis and go ahead to crack CAT