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CAT aspirants, who are appearing in CAT on 25th November, 2018 are going through rigorous preparation at the moment. Date is nearing and time is fleeting therefore more anxiety is at its peak and students are really worried on CAT pattern this time. Indeed the phenomenon of CAT is like that. You never know what can be the surprise in store and besides so many speculations; the mystery will be unfolded on the day of CAT only.bannerimage_1521808871Sections of CAT are ticklish in nature and the genesis of exam is based on fundamentals of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, mensuration, language skills, your quantitative skills, your data analytics skills , logical reasoning and top of all your vocabulary.

Most of CAT aspirants are on fifth revision at present as CAT is nearing therefore these candidates will remain at ease and chilled during exam. That too is also a real challenge in the context that CAT gives you all sort of fear psychosis and pressures not only generated by you but including peer pressures.

Revision helps you to sort out your minuses and pluses. Since time really fleeting  at the moment , you just don’t have chance to remove minuses now so it will be advisable to leave the negatives and cement the positives of your preparation so to build more confidence and probability of your getting high percentile.

Certain sections of CAT sections are very different and these segments really can trouble you a lot during exam. Few of the areas can’t be improved with practice even at present time such as vocabulary, arithmetic sums, short cut formula because if fundamentals are poor then any practice now that too near the exam will not get results rather that may add agony and overall negativity hence, it is advisable to leave them and practice more areas in which you are strong. Revising them can be boon at the moment.

Forget CAT if you are on revision , the statement sounds rude but is the reality in the sense that focused CAT aspirants are way ahead on CAT preparation and few of them have already thought of preparing on written ability test  and personal interview and they are practicing that also along with other revisions. In such a scenario it can a very difficult for those who are still struggling on mock tests for CAT and without revision sessions at present, it won’t be an exaggeration to mention to  forget CAT.