Quantitative ability is the section which is common to all MBA entrance examinations but is one of the very crucial section in CAT.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will also not be an exception and CAT aspirants are likely to face tougher questions this year hence, it is important to understand that what is Quantitative Ability and why you are being tested for this section?

Quantitative Ability as the name mentions is a section where you would be tested for your analytical behaviour and your mind at Quant. You would be getting questions from areas of Arithmetic which may comprise of questions on percentages, numbers, algebra, trigonometry, time & speed and distance.

While being tested in Quantitative Ability, you need to understand that in any business numbers are very important and primary data being collected in any business is very crucial for launching a product or for the projection of the sales hence, it is the Quantitative analysis on which brand manager is dependent upon and it is his Quantitative skills which directs him to control the market and ensures the brand growth. Because of this reason you are being tested in Quantitative Ability so to know your aptitude and Quantitative skills, afterall you would be selected as a future budding manager.

The crucial question for CAT aspirant is how to prepare and ace Quantitative Ability? Experts have suggested that for preparing Quantitative Ability, you need to practice and clarify your fundamentals from NCERT books and take sample questions from High School standard as that would give you immense confidence to deal with questions in Quantitative Ability.

34 questions in Quantitative Ability section of CAT 2017 would be a dreadful section as being an opening section of CAT 2017 this may either boost your confidence or let you down at the beginning of CAT 2017 hence, it is very crucial that you take this section with a piece of mind and since this section is calculation centric hence, you remain confident and attempt those questions only where you are fully confident on the answers.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will decide your overall percentile so start preparation and achieve Mission CAT 2017 !