At present it is the time of personal interviews at all MBA Institutes who are likely to interview you to know your overall personality.

PI is the last step but is very crucial step for the admission in any MBA Institute. The gravity of the matter is thatit can be judged by the fact that PI is having a weightage of 20-25% in overall selection process.

It is open secret that if a candidate is fumbling during PI then it is really difficult to expect admission.

Get nervous and get out of competition, that is really alarming sentence but the message it loud and clear that candidate must not get nervous and that is where the art of the interview is. Because a bit of getting nervousness it will give chance to others who are in fray of competition.

In general, personal interview is being conducted to know your personality, to know your top of mind ideas, thoughts and top of all; your overall attitude. Although these are known as soft skills but these skills can’t be achieved overnight. Hence, it is a must for the candidate to develop these skills on daily basis.

How these skills can be improved? There are two schools of thought, one says get guidance and the second says get guided yourself. It is pertinent to note that self-guidance is always better because you are the person who knows your pluses and minuses much better than anybody else.

Reading motivational stories will gain you confidence and you would be able to gain positive attitude. Reading business magazines, one business newspaper and reading editorials of top dailies will improve your communication skills and you would attain plenty of information on current affairs and that it itself will boost your confidence to face personal interview. Most importantly a key factor is that if the news analysis programme is being heard every day on all India Radio at 9.15 pm, this can be a game changerfor your success in personal interview.

Mind you, MBA aspirants; here is an advice from experts and please make a note of this that during PI you are facing an admission panel who is into the rejection mode and whatever being the task of adding objectivity to the PI session but it still remains very subjective hence, you are advised to maneuver and negotiate this negativity of rejection mode while not arguing or debating on any point of view of the admission panel.

Simply answer to the point and if not aware of any question, just reply that you are not aware of. Ensure that you are pushing admission panel to your strengths and that will achieve you mission admission MBA

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