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Depends how you take it but most of the time our understanding or perception for weekend keeps on changing time to time. As student we do have backlog for study material besides additional agenda for recreation, family guy will be busy with household work but professionals rewind themselves at the weekends.

Observe successful people, they remain more busy and engage themselves for the activities other than office to mingle with people so to unlearn and learn few more basics which they feel must have been left out.

Indeed, it is a debatable equation whether you enjoy reading a book or watch movie? Perhaps both are must but that will again depend on one’s priority and liking.

Some of the musts which should be followed are to devote time on self introspection, meditation, exercise and pick up one book or watch video which must rejuvenate you

Let’s dream to be in the class of those who dream to be on top and continue to strive hard to achieve their goal. These habit forming traits will get us near to our mission admission MBA 2014!!!

Author: MBA Rendezvous