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Handwriting speaks volumes of an individual. So, next time you are hard pressed for time in analyzing an individual, just look at his handwriting and you will understand his personality, temperament, and behavior.

Handwriting is a personal expression, and reflects who the person is on the inside. Everybody’s handwriting is unique, just like one’s fingerprint. Since there is so much of science behind a person’s handwriting, researchers have come up with a term called graphology, which is indeed the study of handwriting.

First and foremost, when analyzing a person’s handwriting, it is important to look at the slant of his writing. If a person’s writing is slant towards the left, it means that he does not express his emotions well.

A signature of a person is an aspect of handwriting too. Elaine Ness, a professional handwriting analyst, believes that a signature reflects a person’s communication skills, and how he wants to be perceived by the public. If a person’s signature is legible, it means that he is comfortable with what he has expressed. An illegible signature implies that an individual is not interested in gaining public recognition.

Graphology is complicated. Handwriting is made up of many elements including line levels, slant of writing, spacing, and the size of writing that it takes hours to analyze a person completely.

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