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All MBA aspirants are conscious of the fact that CAT is perceived as most tough and chances or guess won’t work in this exam.

But among 2 lac plus aspirants who are likely to take CAT 2013 would positively vie for the high percentile.

One wonders what does that will get you near to your goal? Well, first it is meticulous planning thereby execution in much more exquisite manner besides will to learn from failures and reworking on them.

Expert’s advice is that clearing fundamentals on CAT sections DI  & QA / VA & LR is a must and present is the best time to have crystal clear approach.

Later CAT Mock Tests will have to be supplemented with above so that speed can be gained and time can be managed as these 2 factors are also very crucial in CAT 2013.

Go ahead and get on to CAT Preparation.

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