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Logical Reasoning is considered as the coherent section of CAT. In CAT, LR questions usually come with 2/3 bits. A paragraph is given with full of information followed by 2/3 questions. You need to read it and use your logic to answer the questions.

In 2 sections CAT paper there is no separate section on LR but it is expected to be combined in Verbal Ability section.

The main idea behind Logical Reasoning is to use the information and preconditions to make a conclusion

Most problems give a variety of conditions and you must use an “if”-“then” approach. It’s important that you read the whole problem, and choose the best hint or clue before starting to solve the problem.

When practicing logic with reasoning making a chart or drawing a picture are good strategies.

In LR questions that ask you to select a valid conclusion, always choose the one conclusion that must definitely follow from the information you are given. In questions that ask you to find the invalid alternative, choose the one conclusion that does not definitely follow from the information.

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