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CAT takers who ignore Logic Questions do so at their peril. Such an approach is dangerous especially when a high proportion of such questions have appeared in the CAT for last five years.

But before approaching them, first keep these basic and fundamental points in mind which will help you in cracking Reasoning Questions.

Work through the first 10 questions as quickly as possible. They’re the easiest, so don’t double-check and triple-check your answers on them just because you’re a perfectionist. Instead, trust your instincts on these and move on. Build up a “time bank” by tackling these quickly so that you’ll have a few minutes left over at the end of the section to go back to tougher questions that you weren’t 100% sure on.

Because questions 1-10 tend to be easier, try to complete each one in under 1:20. This will give you extra time for the more difficult questions that come later.

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