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The study of grammar for a competitive examination is far easier than the study of vocabulary and far less intimidating than most students feel about it.

If you are good reader, the grammatical structures of a language are instinctively mastered without actually being able to distinguish between the subject and the object case of a pronoun. Hence continue your general reading of everything possible and as much as possible.

Students attempting CAT need not be grammar experts. What is required is that the aspirants develop ability in functional usage of words, idioms and phrases. Therefore we suggest the aspirants that the basic method to prepare grammar section would be to first complete the basics of grammar, and then start by practicing through attempting as many questions as possible.

Sentence correction or Grammar based questions appear in different flavours in the CAT verbal section  ( VA ) . It could be questions where you are asked to spot the section of a sentence that is grammatically incorrect or it could be questions where a part of a sentence in underlined and you are provided with four or five alternative choices. You have to select the choice that corrects the error in the underlined part.

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