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MBA aspirants who have been invited for GD & PI may note that   now you will be tested for soft skills like communication, attitude, expression of thoughts, body language and top of your approach towards goal achieving efforts.

In general both GD and PI are back to back with the reason  that both are inter-related.   Certain aspects of skill set will be first judged in GD later to reaffirm on that you may be asked questions in PI.

It is fact that if you do well in GD, chances are high that you are likely to perform in PI  hence, be aware of that your statements in GD are being noted and selection panel will certainly put you queries on them in PI.

Both GD & PI are the two times opportunity to showcase your personality and talk about yourself. Prepare your vision and mission statements, work on them and adapt yourself as per them to ensure that you are natural in GD & PI so that you are successful and selected.

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