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Failures make you sad but at the same time you get best of opportunities to rework and be successful in future. Two sides of same coin whether to accept or reject depends how we take it.

Difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that first segment worked on failures and second segment kept on cribbing. Read in between the lines; Impossible says that I am possible.

All power is within you, you can do anything and everything. Believe in yourself. It is belief of our own Yuvraj Singh that he will play for Indian cricket team and he encountered cancer and came out as winner.

Examples are many but time is ripe to take right action. You need to be sure as to why you wish to go for MBA?  Based on your own SWOT you will be able to plan and execute.

Both success and failure are not permanent. Both follow each other but you need to ensure that your preparation for MBA exams is at par with competition standard so that you are successful most of the time.

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