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MBA aspirants who will be appearing in GD soon might note following useful tips:

  • Group strength is usually 8 to 12 members
  • When the group discussion topic is announced and if you do not get the topic properly, just request to repeat the topic. Do not show surprises.
  • Correctly saying what you want to say- speaking effectively and efficiently is very important.
  • General Principles
    • Be a good listener
    • Do not use high vocabulary
    • Never use technical language while speaking
    • Not knowing is not a problem , do not try to bluff
  • Things to avoid
    • Do not criticize on religion
    • Do not get personal with anyone
    • Do not criticize foreign policy of India
    • Never ever try to bluff

Important to note that Argument is an exchange of ignorance and Discussion is an exchange of knowledge.   This is essence of GD.

Read variety of GD Topics and be successful!!

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