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Personal Interview is one to one meeting   to understand finally the complete personality   and listen from candidate so that confidence can be attained at both ends.

PI is not a test now so MBA aspirants must feel relaxed during this final step of selection. Selection panel will also pose you easy questions so that you must feel good and relaxed at PI because they wish to have your best.

Many a times this relaxation might give you opportunity to be overconfident and that might spoil the game. Relaxation is for you; for not to be tensed but also not to be out of focus. Answering with unwanted data quotes, comments, suggestions, your own analysis might offend any panel member.

Best is to listen carefully and answer to the point. If asked to analyze, suggest or recommend or give your opinion, so in that case reply as third party.

PI is crucial so all efforts must be focused on being highly positive to be successful!!

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