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Dipstick study reveals that number of graduates opt for MBA because either they get peer pressure or their friends are perusing MBA so they follow same path. Both ways, they are on sticky wicket.

MBA is not just a degree, it is more than that.   Here is a programme that teaches you management ethos, case studies of business practices  and you are converted to complete professional who is  not only  capable of taking innovative challenges both national and global but can adapt to ever changing new  circumstances   also.

Ask yourself few straight questions; are you ready for taking challenges which might change with new dimensions at regular intervals?   Do you have can do attitude?   Are you willing to accept failures? Do you think you are a strong stuff within you to take on fierce competition?

If the honest answer is yes, you deserve to join B school but if the answer is forced then better to look forward to new field/ stream because MBA is not for those who get confused.

MBA Rendezvous