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Life at FORE is beyond the parenthesis of mere words. It’s a journey in itself; an experience that is hard to imagine otherwise.

Ask a FOREian what is it like to be at FORE and he’d come up with all sorts of jargons. There is not a dull moment at FORE. Classes, case studies, presentations, the list does not end. But this is the mere rhetoric. FORE stands for much more; grueling schedules, committees, events, functions, Dhabas… One needs to be at FORE to experience ‘it’!

The Student Council at FORE School of Management ensures the learning experience of the students is coupled with adequate amount of extra curricular activities. It seeks to create an all round exposure for the students, giving them adequate impetus to excel in various activities.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Now here comes the catch, in an MBA program nothing comes easy, right from gaining admission into the college of our choice, to surviving the rigorous schedule, to finally getting placed in one’s ‘dream’ company.

The selection procedure for these committees are at par with or maybe even more intense than what a student has to go through to be a part of FORE. Only the best of the lot are made members of the council.

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