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MBA aspirants may have Psychological factors which have to be nullified as the statistics which states that only 1 of 250 candidates makes it into XAT can rattle any candidates, but if the number of serious aspirants is taken into account, it would drastically fall.

You should understand that XAT exam is designed to measure your ability of maintaining a level head under pressure.

So avoid getting demoralized or disheartened by such statistics. It’s not as much an examination of your knowledge base as much as it is of your nerves. Maintain a cool head during the examination.

This does not come overnight. Studying all the topics, practicing DI and quantitative problems is of utmost importance. While this builds up your speed and analytical skills, it also gives you much-needed confidence to crack XAT 2013

After you have attempted 10 to 15 mock papers, identify your strong and weak areas. You should know which section to start with and which areas to attack first in each section. Set your time limits.

Let it be very clear to MBA aspirants that XAT is different and need to be tackled differently for achieving success!

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