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MBA aspirants should make note of fact that  Essay writing test is very crucial for MBA admission in all B schools.

Let’s understand various types of Essays:

Argumentative Essay – Argumentative essays are written to present an opinion which either favors or disagrees with a given topic. The writer of the Argumentative essay must prove his/her viewpoint by supporting it with convincing facts and evidences from the reliable sources.

Autobiographical Essay – An autobiographical essay is a short description of the writer’s own life. It highlights the main aspects of your personal, educational, social and professional life.

Biographical Essay – Writing someone else’s ‘Autobiography’, but called biography as it is not written by the concerned person himself/herself rather they their story written by other.

Descriptive Essay – A descriptive essay gives the detailed description about a topic like person, place, or any incident.

Narrative Essay – A narrative essay is used to narrate a course of events. We can share our experiences by means of the essay.

Persuasive Essay – Persuasive essay is used by the writer to convince the readers to believe in his opinion.

Pictorial Essay – A Pictorial essay is a collection of photographs that tell a story. The writers could add captions or text along with the photographs for a better description.

Practice for writing  Essays to achieve mission MBA Admission.

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