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These days, Group Discussion after written test has become very routine and had made it difficult for the admission panel to select the candidate with the right kind of attitude and knowledge.

To break off with the regular planned process, the Extempore Speaking has been introduced in the admission process of many top MBA colleges like International Institute of Management (IMI), Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), etc. Few colleges are making it tough by including the extempore speaking together with the GD and PI.

The key to extempore speaking is that the words spoken are chosen as we speak them, and what is delivered is a stream of consciousness that is fluent, erudite and articulate, while being unscripted.

Effective extempore speaking always has the purpose of the presentation and the impact on the audience at its heart.

In an extempore speaking, it is important to speak to the purpose and to consider carefully what effect you want to have on your audience, then the notion that it is possible to simply choose the right words at the point of delivery, without any kind of preparation, is at best naive and at worst disastrous.

MBA aspirants have to practice for Extempore Speech to achieve mission admission MBA 2012 -13.

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