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CMAT which is being conducted by AICTE and to be held on forthcoming September 27 to October 1st 2012 has simple format of exam:

CMAT will be a computer-based test (CBT). A candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

How is the computer-based format different from the paper-based format? The format of the test is more or less the same except that a candidate reads a question on a computer terminal and clicks on the correct answer, instead of reading on a paper booklet and using a pencil to darken the ovals on an answer sheet.

Is it possible to take the test from any computer? No. A candidate will have to test on a pre-assigned workstation and will not have a choice to choose his or her workstation, in the testing venue.

Register yourself for CMAT 2013 exam ASAP and get on to preparation.

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