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Extempore Speech is very important test to be cleared by CAT aspirants for few IIMs and it requires practice. Here are few tips which have been given by experts:
While you get the topic, do not rush to start even if you feel that you are well versed with the topic. Take some time to gather your thoughts according to points. And then start with the first point and carry on with the flow. Since the duration of your speech will be very less, your time will end before you can actually talk on all the points which you had arranged. So it would be best to prioritize your points and say accordingly. It should not so happen that you start your introduction to the topic and as soon as you think of coming to your main points, you are interrupted by the panel informing you that the time is over.

There are also possibilities that you may not be able to come up with enough points and finish in few seconds only. In that case, the panel would ask you to speak more. So even if you don’t have much idea about the topic given to you, or can’t gather much point in the initial few seconds, while speaking, try to think about other related points.

But make sure that you follow a particular structure of introduction, main body and conclusion otherwise it will just be a haphazard collection of words. But these should be absolutely crisp and to the point. Don’t drag one point for long.

If you don’t have much to say on your topic or can’t think of many points, then arrange your introductory points in a manner which will give you a good start. If you can recollect some relevant points during your introduction, you can also say that but keep in mind that you start it in an appropriate manner.

On the day of your extempore, avoid nervousness and be confident. By the time you will have to appear for extempore, you will be already done with your GD. So your initial nervousness shall be gone by that time. But in the next stage, you would be meeting the panel all by yourself; you might face nervousness but remember that you should be able to do away with that as you have to appear confident in front of the panel so that they believe in you.

Practice Extempore Speech with variety of topics and be successful and achieve mission CAT 2012.