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Students who are graduating this year and those who have graduated are looking forward to MBA entrance exams.

First and foremost step is to have introspection as to why you should go for MBA education?   Hopefully you are not following crowd and are serious MBA aspirant.

Having   decided for MBA, now analyze through SWOT and find out your position and understanding of exam, this will lead you to preparation plan.

Each exam being different you must be clear and confident to crack exam. Competition is major factor for all MBA entrance exams so for taking up this challenge you need to go for mock tests with unlimited practice sessions.

You must also make up your mind to join in top hundred colleges / institutes but this goal can only be achieved provided you as aspirant are willing to change and adapt for the fierce competition ahead after written exam in form of Extempore speech, WAT, GD & PI.

Go ahead and achieve mission MBA admission!

MBA Rendezvous