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Let us try to figure out that MBA teaching is cent percent aligned to business and its practices. Business is local in nature with the exception of being international. Business is so localized that customs, culture, geography, local dialect and traditions matter the most for the marketers.

Company positions Brands with the view to match the consumer psyche and consumer behaves differently in each separate market.

Consumer behavior is tricky to understand then match with the Brand’s strategy. It requires complete understanding of the market behavior so it is called social behavior and to elaborate then comprehend it further is science which will prove to be at help for Brand for creating its own USPs.

MBA program reflects that the more territories of markets are understood, the more consumer behavior is tuned in to the requirement of brand. That will be dream genius work for a marketer to grow.

Wisdom of anticipating both downfall and Growth is imparted by MBA education.

MBA Rendezvous