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One can take cue from local Neta ji , look how he changes the tone and colors before audience and being shrewd politician he keeps eye contact with audience to help himself to maneuver dialogues which may be suitable for audience. This Neta ji ,positively can be live example to be emulated for Extempore Speech.

On an assumption that topic is whether India should continue to be friendly with Pakistan, we can presume that nobody will like negative narration so it is as per presence of mind that Extempore speech has to be tilted towards conclusion that yes, we must try to be friendly with all neighboring countries including Pakistan.

Extempore Speech is essentially a test for Common sense and has to be supplemented with presence of mind which can be gained with sound reading habits.

Confident conclusion with a solid message as take away will prove to be sure shot path to be successful in Extempore Speech.

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