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To quote Michael Jordan, world famous basket ball player of NBA, ‘I failed in hundreds of baskets before I am declared best basket player’.

Jordan is not the exception, in this world there are many  who failed but continued to work upon failures before they were declared successful.

Those students who could not get admission in MBA this year have still one option available to them. This is Distance learning MBA

With distance learning MBA from any institute which has Distance Education Council approved courses will do benefit you a lot. Evening week- end classes, computer based study with video conferencing can be learning experience.

You can continue with job also that will also help you to relate learning with work. In fact you will be able to absorb more than freshers. Later, you can update your qualification with more specified courses.

Distance learning MBA is a boon for those who think they have missed the bus but in actuality they have not, provided they rejuvenate themselves again and come forward to seek admission in Distance learning mode of MBA.

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