Willy- Nilly sometimes we respond to a situation which we never meant but the receiver of our response received different communication and can become judgmental.

‘Yes sir’ and ‘No sir’ are two different meanings but can be perceived differently. ‘Thank – You’ is another word which needs proper utilization with timings. Smile is perfect answer to agree and not to agree. Eye contact, if reflects confidence but can be taken as an offence in some situations. Shaking legs is definitely a sign of nervousness. Although body language has different meanings in different situations but positive minded approach is the best not to be misunderstood.

Usage of slang Hi , yup, hum are almost prohibited in PI as this meeting looks so informal but is serious in nature.

Dragging and repeating sentences doesn’t leave good impression. Speaking with accent looks mimicry so better would be to be on your own.

Responses which we communicate during PI need to be introspected before hand as habits die hard. Mock PI sessions can improve flaws and confidence can be achieved to be successful at Personal Interview.

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