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Ever changing   industry scenario forces market to adapt newer strategies to continue on growth trajectory.

Team in any organization plays pivotal role and team is formed with individuals who put forth their best to contribute as best for organization. In a way these individuals become property of the company so that is the importance of team members.

In the above context companies look forward to MBAs who are having a specialized skill set of leadership, positive and can do attitude, who know how to take decision at crucial junctures, with great interpersonal coordination skills and overall go getters.

Institutes who over claim placements continue with obsolete pedagogy and compromise on the quality for intake of students are bound to deliver with worst output. On the other hand students who thought of MBA as ticket to job are bound to falter because they whither way from the path of learning.

MBA education is a mixture of theory and businesses practices which is being taught as case study. So MBA pass outs must ensure that those two years at campus must be utilized holistically towards learning only.

It is essential for both students and Institutes to note that companies are not in mood to employ those who are lacking in skills as per the specification of industry.

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