Coming from a humble background did not stop aspirating high so Akshay continued to nourish his dream to have job in MNC. Having decided to venture out from his village when he requested his parents to support him, they were overwhelmed with his thoughts and supported his dream.

After having cleared one of the MBA entrance exams Akshay got admitted in a B school which claimed to be prestigious in smaller town but was recognized.

Akshay was happy to know that he will be placed in some good company but to his dismay during placement season companies did not visit to the Institute. Reasons given by authorities were that there is slow down in Industry so this year students have to scout for job themselves. It is now more than one year, Akshay is still on look out for a job.

Akshay’s story is not an exception and this is happening to many a students. Why? Lesson is that it is wrong on the part of aspirants to assume that with MBA, they will be placed. In actual companies look forward to a skill set which can make them employable.

Besides books, communication, domain knowledge, decision making process make MBA pass outs employable which Akshay lacked.

It should be loud and clear that MBA institute is not a placement agency. It is wrong to go for those institutes where infrastructure is weak but at the same time aspirants also have to ensure that they score high to get in to a better college.

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