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You wonder that after having cleared MBA entrance exam and having achieved valid score, now you will be again grilled in GD which has nil or specific syllabus and you are only dependent on past examples which you would have got from your senior students.

Genesis of GD is that in businesses requirement of communication process, interpersonal skills, decision making at crucial time, will power to overcome failure is top of mind with managers so likewise you will be tested for these skills in GD as you are now treated as future manager and your inherent skill set is at test.

Certain skills like body language, confidence level, attitude, vision can’t be judged in written test hence, GD is a tool to test you on these skills.

GD being a discussion in an assigned group with a specific topic should be concluded within an allotted time. The more you are clear in your ideas you will be able to have eye to eye contact within group and that will exhibit your confidence to achieve goal. Vision is based on your attitude and positivity will ensure that you are successful in Group Discussion.

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