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For those who wish to be admitted in B school for MBA or PGDM programs, time is opportune to fasten seat belt.

Have realization  of the fact that most of entrance exams which are ticket to enter in MBA colleges will be conducted in  coming October 2012 to February 2013  for the class of 2013 -14

Forthcoming exams are CAT  2012, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, MAT and CMAT for which notification advertisements will be published in media timely so that aspirants can apply accordingly.

Analyze the individual reasons/ need/requirement for MBA and take firm decision that will help you to plan the execution of mission admission MBA.

Different entrance exams are having different syllabus but more or less are similar in approach to test aspirant for analytical reasoning, communication and domain knowledge.

Before waiting for the exam dates to be announced, start preparation as time is in fact very short to recover on failures. Clarifying fundamentals with help of books, group studies, coaching, guidance from peers and top of all your own will power to achieve mission admission MBA will get you success so get obsessed with aim to hit the bull encircled MBA !

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