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For MBA aspirants general awareness is must to crack various MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, NMAT, SNAP, MAT and CMAT.

GK is something which you mug up for facts with dates and years or in other words you remember as factual facts but general awareness is current and you need to analyze and conclude with possible impact of information.

All businesses are positively affected by market forces which can be political, economy based reasons or even nature’s fury.

Managers who keep themselves abreast with latest happenings in their surroundings can preempt and take proper action to safeguard company’s interest. That is the reason MBA aspirants are also tested in general awareness to test you on your current status of mind as would be manager.

With strong general awareness you are bound to excel well in extempore speech, WAT, Essay writing and in GD also.  The more you read dailies, listen current affairs programs; you are likely to achieve success in a big way.

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