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The other day when I was not able to cope up with pressure on targets which were given to me by my boss and not by company.  Off course it was biased target fixation which was unachievable.  Eventually after dilly dallying I got transfer order to another city. Due to family reasons I could not join there also and had to put in my papers.

But to my surprise I was called to meet our zonal manger to discuss way out to resolve the issue. I presented him the new ideas to capture market share, new pricing which could have pre empted competition, some new packaging designs which could have saved expanses of the company. I was told to head new division with new product mix with a positive comment that why I have not submitted my thoughts earlier?

I was thrilled but when I sat for my SWOT on my failure, I realized that it is because of my MBA education which shaped my mind set to positivity and to have  focus on key result areas , I was accepted by same management for greater responsibility.  I also did not discuss any individual but continued to elaborate on the market share of the company.

MBA is not a ticket to instant success but it changes you within to become professional so that you become brand yourself and continue on higher growth trajectory.