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Being hockey player in my college I nurtured dream to don color of Team India and to some extent I almost achieved my goal but that accident forced me to be out of game & my career took plunge to different scale where I felt lost.

I did not focus on studies also but somehow I managed to get a job in one Insurance company where my customers called me Insurance agent.

Although I did well and roped in clients but need was felt to study Specialized MBA for which I was mentored by old class mate who was also in Insurance Company.

After having completed my Specialized MBA in Insurance sector, I realized that MBA education has taught me how to manage individual portfolios and relate with different Insurance products for investment.  Now I am known as insurance consultant by the same set of customers.

Specialized MBA is meant for those who are either working or wish to join specific sector as theory is taught in context of practicality of execution. Guest faculty from the similar sector positively gives you bounty of ideas to excel in your sector specific job.