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My father being IFS officer was posted at London so my upbringing in childhood gave me habit of speaking British accent and I continued a bit with that. But since I did my graduation from Delhi, my communication with British accent gave me extra edge over my class mates in North campus of DU and I was flying high when I was nick named as ‘Gora’ by my fellow students.

I continued with same thinking and I felt a bit over confident on communication. After having cleared MBA entrance when I was called for GD and I was sure of getting through but I failed.

Later I realized that since over a period of time I was ignoring other aspects of GD and I was found poor in over all general awareness that made me out of focus while having Group Discussion.

Hence, it is advisable not to think for the way out for impressing others with your accent as that is your individual way of communication and GD is not a test on accent but on communication skills with domain knowledge.