I have been winning accolades and getting promotions in my organization where I have completed ten years of my service and I am Regional manager of my company.

But the other day our management declared that they are inducting new people in organization to spread our wings in other territories and new product launch are also in pipeline. We felt thrilled and started working with our new colleagues.

Soon I realized that I am unable to think beyond operational level and that forced me to think further and I felt need for Part Time MBA. The moment I sat with admission in charge of B school, I was told that this course is actually meant for people like us who have been in industry a minimum of two years to three years period of time and now felt the need to go back and revisit basics again. Part Time MBA education also gives you ready made platform to look beyond your present domain and sometimes shift to other industry can add value to your career.

Part Time MBA is not another degree for working executive rather it helps to start thinking beyond mind sets and shift to new horizons that helps to rejuvenate you to excel in your present work.