The other day my school friend met me by chance then besides usual chit chat we started talking on our career. Sooner I realized that my friend is in dilemma as he could not score that high to get PG admission in university. He seemed to be at cross roads and confused what to do next.

I told my friend not to lose heart and still there is an opportunity left with you that is to go for MBA but provided you must work hard to crack entrance exams with further realization that MBA education is not a short cut to get employed rather with MBA education you become professional who would gain confidence to take decisions in crunch situations to cover up and ensure that Brand is getting mileage in all directions. Once you are student of management education you will always remain the learner as conditions of businesses continue to change and MBA education teaches you not only to adapt change with times but deliver also.

MBA is that  domain of education which gets you related with employment directly and you are likely to be placed with Industry on your passing out from Institute.

MBA education makes you employable with managerial skills and you become professional.