CAT 2015 will be test for speed, accuracy & time


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The moment CAT season comes, a sort of phobia engulfs CAT aspirants and all of us keep on thinking on the tough part of competition.

But we tend to forget that in absence of any prescribed syllabus of CAT exam it is just a ghost for all of us.

CAT is basically a test for the assessment of analytical skills with constant rider of speed, accuracy & time.

170 minutes for answering 100 questions comprising of DI, QA and LR, VA would be the crux of the exam. NCERT books might give you the clarity on these sections.

All of you are invited in the groups at MBA Rendezvous Forum d’Assistance to comment and comprehend on the CAT 2015 preparation

Why do you have to write an Essay ?


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Indeed essay writing is an important tool for MBA Admission selection process. You are tested in Essay on your language skills as well as your top of mid ideas.

Essay writing on a given topic is the point of view of the author on the topic.

In XAT, Essay writing test is a must and you get allotted 20 minutes to write Essay in stipulated 200 words.

You need to ensure that your Essay comprises of three areas. First it is introduction and 2nd is your text and last is conclusion.

Essays can be of different nature like argumentative Essay, biographical Essay, narrative Essay or persuasive Essay.

To be impressive in an Essay, you need to focus on the topic and the entire body of the Essay must ensure to remain focused.

Time is opportune to practice with various Essay topics and be a winner.

MAT heralds exam season for 2015-16


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Fresh graduates who aspire to do MBA will be happy to note that on coming 6th September 2015 AIMA is conducting MAT and with this exam season has been heralded for the year 2015 – 16.

Even those who wish to take other entrance examinations might find this opportunity to test their preparation for tougher examinations in future.

Important Dates :
MAT Exam date: 06 SEPTEMBER 2015 (Sunday)

Last Date For sale of Forms:
18 August 2015 (Tuesday)

Last Date for submission of filled in Registration Forms at AIMA, New Delhi:
21 August 2015 (Friday)

Last Date for Online Registration:
18 August 2015 (Tuesday)

Register here :

In MAT you would be tested for your quantitative attitude along with language skills. Your updated current affairs knowledge will be very handy to clear MAT.

MAT score is accepted by 200 + MBA Institutes and the score is valid for the next one year time.

Time is opportune for you to study MAT material and take up the examination and be a winner.

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GD looks easy but tricky


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All those of you who are appearing in Group Discussion (GD) at present might be thinking that GD looks so easy because many a times subject of the GD is very general in nature and one is bound to think that way.

But if you analyse a little further you will understand that in GD your body language, communication skills and coordination skills are being not only tested but being observed by GD selection panel.

Hence GD becomes highly tricky. To ensure that you are clearing GD you need not only to be the best in your communication skills but must have positive outlook also.

In regard to be best in GD you should continuously rehearse with multiple GD topics and ensure that you are thorough with your current affairs on day to day basis on whatever is happening in India and Globally.

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What they expect from you in CAT?


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We know it jolly well that CAT is perceived to be the toughest MBA Entrance examination conducted mainly for thirteen IIMs besides many top institutes who accept the scores of this exam.

The four sections viz. Data Interpretation (DI), Quantitative Ability (QA), Logical Reasoning (LR) and Verbal Ability (VA) have become the universal pattern of CAT for all these years and without exception CAT 2015 will also be examining you with these sections.

The important link in these sections is that you are supposed to be at your best in analytical and logical skills besides in Language skills.

Both speed and time are highly critical factors for CAT exam.

The time is nearing for the examination and it is your call now to take up full-fledged preparation on each section and clear fundamentals with taking Mocks many a times.

CAT 2015 will also be not an exception and it is going to be hard nut to crack.

MBA Rendezvous

Countdown for CAT 2015 has begun


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There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.

Positively the same is applicable on all of us who would be keen to take CAT 2015 in coming October this year. Without doubt notification for CAT 2015 will be out in the coming middle of July. The countdown has already begun and it is a matter of just few months to get admission in best of the B school after cracking CAT 2015

Four sections of CAT 2015 will remain same viz; Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation (DI), Verbal Ability (VA) & Logical Reasoning (LR).

The time is opportune to clear the basic fundamentals of these sections and perhaps it is rightly said that NCERT books will definitely clear the fundamentals.

Team MBA Rendezvous has already geared up to get you the latest content hence, stay tuned in.

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MBA Rendezvous takes another step forward


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Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. You graduate from college once, and that’s it. You’re going out of that nest. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way.

Team MBA Rendezvous is always eager to take a step further so that our audience remains contented with our relevant content which has given us a positioning as we have highest page views and time spent on the portal which has been proved by few search engines.

This time our logo has been re-positioned and is focusing on empowering MBA Aspirants. Though we have changed the look of the portal but we have not compromised on the best of the content and in fact we will continue to strive hard to get you the best of the relevant content for pre and post exam preparations so that you can get high percentile.

Now, you are getting a relevant platform to form groups and get into dialogues with each other and discuss and solve the problems with solutions  at MBA Rendezvous Forum d’ Assistance.

Team MBA Rendezvous is indebted to our anonymous readers like you who has been giving us thumbs up for leading the show and we hereby promise with all of you that your portal will continue to provide you best of the content.

Stay informed, Stay ahead and stay inspired with MBA Rendezvous

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