How to prepare for XAT ?


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Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is organized by Xavier Labor Relation Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur and is conducted on behalf of Xavier Association of Management Institutes (XAMI).

XAT aspirants who are looking forward to Xavier Aptitude Test may note that notification for coming XAT is likely to be out by October this year and XAT 2018 will be conducted in the 1st week of January 2018. XAT exam structure is that it has two parts whereas first part consists of sections for Verbal Ability & Logical Ability, decision making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and the second part of the exam consists of General Knowledge & Essay.

Overall time limit for XAT is likely to be given for 205 minutes with 78 questions in first part and 25 questions for General Knowledge and one Essay which you need to write after the entire exam for 20 minutes in approximately 200 words.

There is a great rider of negative marking in XAT as .25 marks are being cut for wrong answer with a extra rider of .05 marks are cut for more that 13 un-attempted questions but XAT aspirants may note over here that the negative marking is applicable for the first section of the exam only and there is no negative marking for General Knowledge and Essay section.

XAT scores are accepted by XLRI, Xavier Institute of Management- Bhubaneswar, XISS-Ranchi, XIME, SPJIMR, LIBA-Chennai also besides 11 Xavier Institutes. To understand the USPs XAT exam aspirants must note that XAT is very peculiar and would test in Language Skills more than any other exam and you would also be tested in Current Affairs.

To take XAT 2018 you would be eligible if you are graduate with 50% marks.

Essay writing in XAT can be a differentiator for the aspirant as Essay topics are very unique in XAT and most of the times aspirants get shockers with the kind of difficulty they find to express their views in Essay. Hence, it is important for the aspirants to practice for Essay very regularly.

Now the time is ripe for XAT aspirants to get on to preparation and achieve mission XAT 2018 !


Mission SNAP 2017



Who wish to take admission with Symbiosis International University and its 15 other institutes will have to take Symbiosis National Aptitude Test which is usually conducted in middle of December.

Candidates who aspire for SNAP may note that notification to this effect is likely to be out by end of July and registrations will continue till September or so this year.

SNAP is mandatory for 15 institutes under Symbiosis International University and this test is for 120 minutes, being objective test each question will have 4 options and candidate can gave correct answer but any wrong answer will attract 25% negative marking which is very crucial and makes SNAP very tough & competitive.

SNAP is likely to be conducted in middle of December 2017 in approximately 30 cities. If you hold Bachelors degree with 50% marks then you are eligible for SNAP.

Out of 15 institutes under Symbiosis umbrella there is an exception for the intake at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) i.e. there is a reservation for 80% of the candidates who are the wards of Defence Personal and 10% seats are reserved for the wards of Defence Personal who have been killed in War etc. or having disability because of War. But 10% seats are available for General candidates. Important point over here is that entire reservation is subject to the merit.

Nature of SNAP exam is that it will have 150 questions overall with 40 questions allotted each for Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning / Verbal Ability respectively and 30 questions for Current Affairs. In current affairs questions will be asked latest of two years only. Except in Current Affairs which will have allotted 30 marks, all other three sections will have 40 marks. In all sections 25% of negative marking will be applicable.

Candidates who are aspiring for SNAP 2017 may immediately get on to preparation as it is the high time to get on to practice as per syllabus as this would achieve you mission SNAP 2017.

Mission IIFT 2017


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IIFT aspirants may note that notification for IIFT 2017 will be out in middle of July this year with the last date of application form to be filled in the 1st week of September 2017 and IIFT 2017 exam will be conducted on the last Sunday of November 2017.

IIFT is an exam which is meant for international business programmes for the two campuses at New Delhi and Kolkata for the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. This written test covers areas of Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and English Language but post IIFT exam the candidates have to face Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Interview.

At IIFT, MBA in International Business is a foundational course which develops the students to become competent for International Management.

Candidates may kindly note eligibility for IIFT 2017 as you need to have a bachelors degree of 3 years duration recongised by University under UGC and you may have a graduation from any stream. Candidates who are appearing in Final year degree examination may also apply but their eligibility will be subject to the submission of proof of final degree examination and for this matter the last date for this would be 1st week of October 2017. Very crucial point to be noted over here is that for taking IIFT 2017 there is no age limit.

In IIFT certain seats are reserved as per Government of India rules but these reserved seats subject to merit only and even if the seats are going vacant IIFT does not fill those seats without merit.

At IIFT few seats are reserved for candidates from Foreign Nationals and Non Resident Indians. But for these candidates, admission at IIFT is dependent on the scores of General Management Aptitude Test. (GMAT).

The time is ripe for the candidates to get on to preparation for IIFT as you would be competing with 50,000 strong candidates and you require your basics to be cleared for Quant and English Language skills and your focused preparation would achieve you mission IIFT 2017 !

NMAT 2018



NMAT by GMAC will be conducted in coming December with approximately one month open window and the notification for NMAT by GMAC is likely to be announced in June this year and registrations are likely to open by 1st week of July with four months window.

NMAT was accepted by 22 other institutes besides Narsee Monjee Institute of Management and this year too more institutes are likely to accept NMAT score.

NMAT by GMAC has three sections viz. Language skills, Quantitative skills and Logical Reasoning with number of questions 32, 48 & 40 respectively. In all, there would be 120 questions for NMAT by GMAC and you would be getting 120 minutes to complete the exam. Section of the Language skills will have questions from Reading Comprehension, Passages, Poems, Synonyms, antonyms, Meaning of difficult words & Language Usage. For Quantitative skills & Data Interpretation section the questions will be for Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Line Graph, Bar Graph, Tables & Pie Chart. For the section of Logical Reasoning questions will be for multi dimensional arrangements & puzzles.

NMAT by GMAC results are likely to be out by January, 2018. The major point to note here is that there is no negative marking in NMAT and this gives a fair opportunity to all aspirants for competing with each other.

NMAT by GMAC would be conducted with more than 25 centres spread all over India, this also gives equal opportunity to all MBA aspirants to take on this competition which is quite fierce as last year more than 75,000 MBA aspirants took NMAT 2017.

NMAT by GMAC is gaining momentum because of the quality of the exam and equal opportunities given to competitors hence, most likely NMAT scores would be accepted with many MBA institutes in future.

The best preparatory strategy for NMAT by GMAC can be to start preparation at the earliest and get on to NCERT books to clarify your basics and be crystal clear on the doubts. After having done so, get on to practice with Mocks as that would help you to transform your weak areas to strength.

NMAT is the exam which gives you ample opportunities which you must grab to achieve Mission Admission MBA.

CAT Result



Most of the time CAT Result is awaited with very anxious moments and this the First week of the January every year when CAT aspirants are positively looking forward to CAT Results which can be a direct result of their one year hard work of the preparation or if the percentile is not achieved, the entire year might go waste.

CAT remains the toughest examination and with the kind of three sections in the exam viz., Quant, DILR and Verbal Ability; this exam becomes one of the most competitive MBA entrance examination.

CAT is being taken by approximately Two lakh aspirants every year and they compete with each other hence, not only the number of aspirants is high but with negative marking and scores on percentile basis makes CAT much more tougher.

It is important to understand nature of CAT so that aspirants must not get worried for CAT result hence, it is important to clear the fundamentals of Arithmetic, Algebra, Trigonometry, Questions on Distance and Time, Numbers and then for Language skills besides Vocabulary, Grammar and most importantly Reading Comprehension.

It is really important to look at the high school books for each of the above segment and practice on those questions because that would not only give you clarification but you will be able to gain the confidence.

Mock tests for CAT, keeping in mind the previous trends would also give you a complete direction which can be further checked with your own group formation of students or from your peers.

CAT Result would positively be a yearly phenomenon and that means either you lose or win. Since nobody would like to be a looser hence, it is important to remain confident and maintain positive posture.

CAT is a game of Time, Speed and Accuracy and the earliest you master on these aspects, the later you need not worry on CAT Result.

Now CAT 2017 would be conducted in Coming October / November and CAT Result would be out in January, 2018 so it is the right time to get on to CAT and be a winner at CAT Result 2018.

Quantitative Ability for CAT 2017



Quantitative ability is the section which is common to all MBA entrance examinations but is one of the very crucial section in CAT.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will also not be an exception and CAT aspirants are likely to face tougher questions this year hence, it is important to understand that what is Quantitative Ability and why you are being tested for this section?

Quantitative Ability as the name mentions is a section where you would be tested for your analytical behaviour and your mind at Quant. You would be getting questions from areas of Arithmetic which may comprise of questions on percentages, numbers, algebra, trigonometry, time & speed and distance.

While being tested in Quantitative Ability, you need to understand that in any business numbers are very important and primary data being collected in any business is very crucial for launching a product or for the projection of the sales hence, it is the Quantitative analysis on which brand manager is dependent upon and it is his Quantitative skills which directs him to control the market and ensures the brand growth. Because of this reason you are being tested in Quantitative Ability so to know your aptitude and Quantitative skills, afterall you would be selected as a future budding manager.

The crucial question for CAT aspirant is how to prepare and ace Quantitative Ability? Experts have suggested that for preparing Quantitative Ability, you need to practice and clarify your fundamentals from NCERT books and take sample questions from High School standard as that would give you immense confidence to deal with questions in Quantitative Ability.

34 questions in Quantitative Ability section of CAT 2017 would be a dreadful section as being an opening section of CAT 2017 this may either boost your confidence or let you down at the beginning of CAT 2017 hence, it is very crucial that you take this section with a piece of mind and since this section is calculation centric hence, you remain confident and attempt those questions only where you are fully confident on the answers.

Quantitative Ability in CAT 2017 will decide your overall percentile so start preparation and achieve Mission CAT 2017 !

Management Aptitude Test May 2017 will be conducted by AIMA



Management Aptitude Test May 2017 will be conducted by AIMA on the 1st Sunday of May 2017.

Candidly most of the MBA aspirants might have got the admission in institutes by this time but few may still be looking forward to admissions hence, this MAT May 2017 exam may prove to be boon for them and for the fresh candidates who is in final year of graduation, MAT May exam can be a test for them to understand their capability as they would be preparing for tougher examinations in the later part of the year.

Syllabus wise MAT May exam will remain same as you would be tested for

5 sections viz.Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment. The allocated marks total would be 200 with 40 marks for each section.

The duration of the test is 150 minutes and MAT May 2017 exam will be conductedin two formats, paper based test and computer based test and MBA aspirants can opt for either of one.

Section on Global Environment is unique in MAT exam and you would be tested with questions on Global warming and Pollution. The reason to have this kind of section is that most of the companies are being given carbon credit and it is essential for the candidate to have some understanding of these issues and develop aptitude for that.

This is the time for you to get on to preparation for mission MAT 2017 and clarify your doubts hence, it would be better to go for SWOT analysis and understand your strengths, weaknesses and the kind of opportunities you would be getting while removing threats.

Since you are fresh graduate and you are trying to test your water for your competencyof your competitiveness hence, you must understand that this is not a college exam and you would be competing with your fellow examinees who might be in number of many thousands.

Another area of your understating should be as the scores of MAT are computed in percentile manner and that would give you enough idea that in any MBA entrance examination including MAT 2017, it will be good for you to think in terms of gaining top percentile only and that would create a habit within you to be winner always.

Hopefully, when you would be taking MAT May 2017; not only you would be winner but that would create a base for you for Mission admission MBA.