XAT 2015 can take you in top league of B schools!


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MBA aspirants have got another opportunity with XAT 2015 which is being conducted on Sunday, January 4, 2015

With XAT score, you will be eligible to apply in 11 institutes of Xavier association like XLRI, LIBA, XIME, XIMJ, MCIM, SJCBA, AIMIT, SFIMR, XIMB, XISS, XIMR and another 110 B schools in India.

XAT usually comprises 3 Objective type Multiple Choice sections and an essay writing section.

1. Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (Math) – (Objective Type Multiple Choice)
2. Verbal Reasoning (English) – (Objective Type Multiple Choice)
3. Analytical Reasoning and Decision Making – (Objective Type       Multiple Choice)
4. And an essay writing section

The duration of the test is 160 minutes for the objective type section and an additional 20 minutes is provided at the end of the 3 hours for the essay writing section.

Crucial Exam Alert  

1. Continue with your strengths now forget all other negativity
2. Spend the first three minutes scanning through the entire paper, so there are no rude surprises awaiting you.
3. Fine- tune your time management and question identification skills that help you attempt the maximum number of questions.
4. Discontinue mistakes
5. Develop the stamina and temperament to take a 180- minute, computer- based test.
6. Maintaining an accuracy level of at least 75 to 80 per cent is very important.

MBA Rendezvous wishes you all the best for XAT 2015!


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XAT 2015 – You have to be Focused


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Almost one out of two hundred students are able to crack XAT and other students may feel tensed but if you are a dedicated candidate you can definitely make it for XAT 2015

The candidates will be judged on their ability on Speed & Time in XAT 2015

As per the structure of the exam, questions will be asked on Quantitative Ability, English Language usage / Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, General Awareness and Essay.

XAT 2015 will be different than other exams and should be handled in a different way. Skills can’t be improved overnight and constant effort is required.

Essay Writing hold great value in XAT 2015, hence start preparing for Essay Topics.
5 Classic Essay Topics for XAT 2015


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WAT is now being conducted in IIMs before PI instead of GD


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MBA Aspirants, who will get their names in cutoff list after CAT 2014 result, have to go through WAT & PI.

Fifteen to twenty minutes will be provided for Written Ability Test. A topic will be given in which written ability will be tested including your handwriting, thoughts, expressions and ability to conclude on the topic given to you. Few Questions in PI can also be asked from WAT (Written Ability Test) as that will be held immediately after WAT.

You will not be able to improve on your WAT overnight hence; you need lot of reading and practice with WAT topics so to achieve mission admission IIM.

To get through your Dream IIMs, you will need a lot of practice with WAT Topics as this cannot be achieved overnight.



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MBA Exams are skill based tests


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Indeed in general whatever we perceive that remains top of mind and we tend to believe that. Childhood perception is that failure in exams will expose me and I will undergo embarrassment before parents, teachers and friends.

Later when we mature then we understand that in exams there is an opportunity and with an initiative we can excel & show world the worth of our maturity and intelligence.

Nevertheless competitive MBA entrance exams are definitely giving you an opportunity to shift to gain professional outlook.

With the strong will power supplemented with focused preparation even the most sought after CAT exam can be cracked.

Most of MBA entrance exams are skill based tests and you are examined for your analytical skills in form of Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation in area of mathematics and for communication in area of Logical Reasoning and verbal ability.

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Be grounded even in peak


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Indeed saying is that always remember those who are meeting you when you are going up because they will again meet you when you will come down.

That’s applicable to one and all in professional career and personal life.

Materialistic gains will remain always very fragile and moral gains will take you further upward in both personal and professional lives.

There is nothing like peak in any way, it is that when you think you have achieved peak you are bound not to learn further and that will be a death knell for future opportunities.

MBA aspirants like you will never feel satisfied with any knowledge and you are hungry to know more and you will always challenge yourself to achieve more all the time.

Those who continued to focus on achieving non achievable with perseverance of similar thoughts have scaled to new mountains and known as icons for others!!

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Being updated with Current Affairs will be an asset for you


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MBA aspirants should keep it top of mind that MBA entrance exams like IIFT, SNAP, CMAT, MAT and XAT do have questions on General awareness. This is basically to test your awareness on current affairs.

It is expected from MBA aspirants to have sensitization on the happenings which might affect common man and country, be it political front, economic front or on sociological problems.

MBA institutes are looking in you as budding future manager who will be performing in a company wherein brand will get impact of government policies and ever changing global scenario.

Besides written exams, updated general awareness will also be helpful in WAT/Essay or in GD & PI where you may come across situations which will certainly require updated awareness of current affairs.

Keep yourself updated and read general awareness Topics.

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